Columbine Survivor: Teachers Should Be Armed to Protect Themselves and Our Children


Colorado state representative Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock), a student at Columbine High School when the school was attacked in April 1999, is pushing legislation to allow teachers to be armed on campus for self-defense.

Gun control advocates oppose Neville’s push, arguing “that firearms should be kept out of schools.” But the Republican lawmaker knows firsthand that laws designed to keep guns out of schools only restrain law-abiding citizens.

According to The Hill, Neville said:

As was the case in 1999, criminals criminals aren’t deterred by a flashy sign at the door. The only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children.

Neville added, “[The] teachers and faculty [at Columbine] were heroic in many ways that day. That’s why I truly believe if some of them had the legal authority to be armed,  more of my friends would still be alive today.”

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