Watch: Good Samaritan Pulls Man from Tracks Before Subway Comes

WATCH: Good Samaritan Pulls Man from Tracks Before Subway Comes into the Station
Parker Van de Graaf/YouTube

A quick-thinking Good Samaritan pulled a man from the subway tracks in New York City to save a man who had fallen.

Video footage shows the dramatic moment when a Con Edison worker rescued the victim just a minute before the L Train rolled into the station.

Jonathan Kulig, 29, hopped onto the subway tracks in Manhattan on 14th Street and Third Avenue at about 8:45 pm on Saturday and carried the man to the station platform, the New York Daily News reports.

“Talk to me, what’s happening? You all right?” he asks the groggy man.

“It was very scary,” said Parker Van de Graaf, 15, who took the video on a cell phone. “My mother and I were right there, and the first to see him fall. We were freaking out and asking for help.”

The video shows the Good Samaritan leading the disoriented victim to a bench right before the train comes into the station. “Medics took the victim to Lenox Hill HealthPlex, FDNY officials said.”

Kulig was on his way to work as an engineer when, he said, “I hear people yelling, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’”

He then jumped off the platform toward the fallen man. “I had my escape plan. I knew where to walk, where not to walk,” he said.

Kulig said he took part in a track safety session just a month beforehand. “I made sure that there was a path for me to go to,” he said. “I kind of looked while I leaped, if you will.”