Kutcher's 'Brownface' Ad Knocked as Racist

Kutcher's 'Brownface' Ad Knocked as Racist

An online potato chip ad in which U.S. actor Ashton Kutcher plays a Bollywood producer in “brown face” was yanked after being criticized as racist.

In the popchips video, which was unviewable Wednesday night after being designated “private,” showed Kutcher playing “Raj,” with an Indian accent and his face darkened, who is “looking for the most delicious thing on the planet,” specifically someone who is “Kardashian hot.”

The New York Daily News reported the skit didn’t play well with some who were quick to post messages on Twitter, such as this one from blogger Anil Dash: “Hey, startups that are helping @aplusk get richer, can you tell him that racist brownface ads aren’t cool? Thanks!”

The Hollywood Reporter said the snack company issued a statement apologizing for any hard feelings.

Kutcher also portrayed a hippie stoner, a tattooed southern redneck and a euro-fashionista.