Hugh Jackman: Must Be 'Difficult' and 'Lonely' to be Obama

Hugh Jackman: Must Be 'Difficult' and 'Lonely' to be Obama

Most Americans, and even some members of the liberal mainstream press, are watching President Barack Obama’s unsteady leadership regarding Syria with alarm.

Hugh Jackman, best known for playing Wolverine in numerous X-Men films, sees a man who is lonely and going gray.

Jackman, who stars in the new thriller Prisoners opening Sept. 20, told Fox News he feels badly for the president for having to deal with the latest foreign policy crisis.

I have a lot of thoughts on it. The first thought was, after the speeches had been made, and it was late at night, and I just thought how lonely and difficult it must be for President Obama to go to bed and be alone thinking about the weight and burden of it on his shoulders,” Jackman told FOX411 at the Thursday premiere for his forthcoming crime thriller “Prisoners.” “On one hand, you’ve got history of the holocaust or Rwanda if you do nothing. On the other hand, you have violence begetting violence and what a difficult thing that is to get into.”

According to the “Wolverine” star, its somewhat of a lose/lose proposition.”I feel for him (Obama). There is no right answer,” Jackman said. “It’s no wonder President’s go gray so quickly.