Jon Voight: ‘Progressive’ a ‘Devious’ Term, Equates to Communism

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Los Angeles, CA

Actor Jon Voight describes his decades-long career as a Hollywood conservative in a new interview, where he also discloses he feels the political left uses the term “progressive” as a substitute for “communist.”

“There are a lot of conservatives in Hollywood, and they’re not very welcome,” Voight says in Cigar Aficionado’s December issue, Fox News reports.

Explaining his dismay that actors with patriotic thoughts have a difficult time finding a home in the industry, the actor then takes aim at the left’s use of progressivism.

“I think the word ‘progressive’ is a very devious term. It was created as a substitute for ‘communist,’” he says.

“What they propose is the reverse of progress. It’s some that that does taste of communism and Karl Marx’s pernicious philosophy,” adds the 76-year-old Oscar winner.

Voight also says he thinks it is important for people in need to reach out for help, and that people should be there for others in need, in addition to opening up about his relationship with his daughter, Angelina Jolie Pitt.

In an age where Hollywood’s feminist movement calls for more opportunities for women, both in front of and behind the camera, Voight says he’d love nothing more than to work for his daughter, who helmed last year’s Unbroken.

“I love my daughter, and I’m very impressed by her directing,” he says of Angelina. “I thought Unbroken was brilliant,” adding, “I’d like to be directed by her.”

The acclaimed Hollywood conservative adds of Jolie Pitt, “I’m crazy about her and my grandchildren,” according to Fox.