Louis CK: America ‘Will Figure It Out’ If Trump Becomes President

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Comedian Louis CK has seemingly softened his stance on Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 48-year-old Louie star — who once called the presumptive GOP nominee Hitler — said he believes that the American people might not be so bad off if the billionaire real estate developer wins in November.

“I’m not gonna tell Americans how to feel — I think you gotta get out of the way of people’s feelings. It’s a self-cleaning system,” CK told the outlet.

“Whenever anybody says, ‘The voters are stupid’ – well, the voters elected Obama against a war hero and a multimillionaire, which are classic choices for the other side. I have faith in the American people because of that. And if Trump does win, I feel like we will figure it out,” he added.

The comedian’s new sentiments mark a turnaround from earlier this year, when he wrote a lengthy email to his fans in March pleading with conservatives not to vote for Trump.

In the letter — sent to fans to promote his online comedy series Horace and Pete — CK asked conservative voters to not be like “Germany in the ’30s” and vote for the “insane bigot” Donald Trump.

The comedian’s critically-acclaimed FX show Louie often deals with the decline of culture as seen through the eyes of a middle-class New York comedian trying to raise his daughters the best way he can.

But CK told Rolling Stone that “you can’t get despair from culture. You can only get it from your own sh*tty life.”

“I’ve been alive for 48 years, so the things that are sh*tty about our culture have come and gone already a couple of times,” he said. “When my kids are having a hard time, I say, ‘Nothing ever stays the same.’ Whatever you’re going through, it’s gonna get better. It’s also gonna get worse — and then better again.”

C.K. is set to embark on a world tour that kicks off with a five-night run at the Chicago Theatre on May 31 and concludes with a three-night stand at New York City’s Madison Square Garden in September.

The comedian told Rolling Stone that he doubts he’ll ever retire from performing standup comedy.

“From being on camera, maybe, but I think I’ll always be onstage,” C.K. said. “Stand-up is the thing I really feel is what I do and who I am.”

“To make decisions about your 78-year-old self at 48 is a stupid exercise,” he added of whether he’ll be doing stand up when he in his 70s. “It’s like saying, ‘What am I gonna do when I’m a fish in my next life?’ I don’t f*cking know! I’m not that guy yet. I mean, I have days now where if I sleep weirdly and my neck hurts the next morning, I’m ready to quit everything.”

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