Job Numbers: Media Sets Bar at 100k to Ensure Obama Win Tomorrow

Job Numbers: Media Sets Bar at 100k to Ensure Obama Win Tomorrow

Since he stepped onto the national stage, what we’ve seen with all things Barack Obama is the kind of grading on a curve the corrupt media only reserves for “very special” Democrats. It’s just a fact that Obama has failed at absolutely everything he’s touched — the stimulus, foreign policy, cash for clunkers, green jobs, the economy, and most especially job creation. Oh, and he sucks so hard at debating that the best one of the worst flaks in media could do was to attempt to call last night a draw.

Last night’s debate loss was huge, which means Obama’s Media Palace Guards are desperate to find a win for the President as quickly as possible. Today’s new jobless numbers certainly didn’t fit the bill, but tomorrow’s monthly jobs report just might. But like I said, Obama sucks at job creation, which is why the media grades him on such a pathetic curve and is already pre-spinning a win.

More than once, on CNN and elsewhere, the media is apparently setting the bar for an Obama job creation-win at a paltry, pathetic 100,000.

“If it’s over 100,000 jobs created, that’s a win for Obama. If it’s under 100,000, that’s a loss,” a CNN analyst said in so many words earlier today.

Only our pathetically corrupt media would consider 100,000 jobs created a month anything but a disaster.

For the sake of context, let’s look at what 100,000 jobs mean:

Just for starters, if we’re to keep up with population growth, the economy needs to generate anywhere from 105,000 to 125,000 jobs a month. If all we do is cover this nut, we’re treading water. In order to actually create a net-plus number of jobs, we have to do much better than the 100,000 number the media will attempt to paint as victory tomorrow.

Moreover, let’s compare Obama’s job creation numbers to those of another president who also “inherited” a mess — Ronald Reagan.

As we all know, Reagan and Obama went about solving the country’s economic woes in two entirely different ways. Obama squandered almost a trillion dollars on a stimulus and pushed the federal government into every part of the free market — from health care to the auto industry. Reagan dramatically lowered taxes and got government out of the American people’s way.

In return, under Obama, our economy is shrinking, job creation is below the increase in population, and the deficit looms like a giant meteor headed right  for our children and grand children.

Reagan, however, exploded economic growth, kept the deficit manageable, and created jobs — lots of them.

Here are some more apples to apples: At this exact moment in Reagan’s presidency (the 1984 American economy between June and November), created  379k, 312k, 241k, 311k, 286k, and 349k jobs, respectively. It’s also worth noting our population was smaller at this time, so the nut to stay ahead was smaller.

By comparison, not only is the media trying to tell us that a totally unacceptable 100,000 jobs number will be a win for this failed president, but take a look at Obama’s job creation this year between the months of June through August: June: 80k, July: 163k, August: 96K (and the June and July numbers together were revised downward by 41k).

So only in the media’s manufactured reality will 100k jobs created during the entire month of September be anything close to acceptable — especially after three previous months of not breaking even with population growth.  

But as we already know, the media doesn’t care about the poor or the jobless or any American suffering under Obama’s failures.

All they care about is pulling a president promising nothing more than four more years of failure over the finish line based on no higher qualification than the fact he has a “D” after his name.


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