Mark Kelly Shoots Glock 9mm With 'High Capacity' Magazine on CNN

Mark Kelly Shoots Glock 9mm With 'High Capacity' Magazine on CNN

In an interview that will air on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on April 9, Gabby Giffords looks on from her mother’s porch while Mark Kelly shoots bottles and clay pots in the Arizona desert with a Glock 19 9mm. The gun is actually Giffords’s, but Kelly shoots it and wasn’t shy about admitting he had a 17-round magazine in it.

Ironically, 17 rounds exceeds the 10 round limit that was being pushed in the Senate in February when Kelly spoke in favor of banning them. 

Nevertheless, after CNN filmed Kelly target shooting, he justified using a 17-round magazine for the simple reason that it wasn’t a 33-round magazine, which is what the shooter used who attacked Giffords with a Glock 19 9mm in January 2011.

Giffords and Kelly sat down with CNN interviewer Dana Bash after the target shooting was over, and Bash asked Kelly if he had stopped to think about how “incredulous” people might be seeing him continue to get “his kicks [by] shooting a gun?” To this Kelly simply said, “Gabby used to like shooting a gun too, occasionally.”

Bash opened the interview by reminding viewers that Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly are still hopeful the Senate will pass gun control this week or next.