‘Traitors’: ‘Daily News’ Ducks Questions On ‘Attacking Patriotism’ Double Standard

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Using Twitter, email and telephone, Breitbart News made nearly a dozen good faith attempts Tuesday morning to obtain an explanation from the New York Daily News on its editorial guidelines when it comes to questioning the patriotism of others. Other than an emailed no comment and the promise of a response from a from a public relations person, as of this writing, no answers have been forthcoming.

Breitbart News sought an answer to this question based on the three things:

  1. Just a few weeks ago, The Daily News spent days blasting away at former-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for expressing his personal opinion of President Obama’s patriotism in what he thought was a private setting.
  2. For writing an open letter to the Iranians, on its front cover Tuesday morning, the Daily News blasted 47 Republican Senators, including decorated war veteran Tom Cotton, as “Traitors.”
  3. The New York Daily News advertises itself as an objective media outlet.

Here is just a taste of the Daily News’ beating Giuliani took for questioning someone’s patriotism: [emphasis added]

Columnist Mike Lupica:

Giuliani starts it all off by saying that the President of the United States doesn’t love America. It happens all this time after Giuliani, in the early innings of the 2008 campaign, thought he was the one who was going to be President, at least before he found out how much America didn’t love him. …

Now he makes news by pandering in an unhinged way to what can only be described as the Sarah Palin wing of the Republican Party, as she was the one going from political irrelevancy to the other side of the clown line, turning herself into a punch line in the process.

Reporters Erin Durkin and Eli Rosenberg:

The McCarthy-esque rants have drawn widespread condemnation since Giuliani first grabbed national headlines Wednesday.

Reporter Annie Karni:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is trying to use incendiary remarks made by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a springboard to raise money for his Republican presidential campaign.

According to the Daily News the questioning of another’s patriotism is “unhinged,” “incendiary,” and “McCarthy-esque.”

And yet, this is Tuesday’s Daily News’ cover aimed at Cotton and 46 other duly elected lawmakers concerned over President Obama’s unprecedented decision to exclude the Senate from their Constitutional requirement to weigh in on treaities with foreign governments:

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Breitbart News reached out directly to Lupica, the three reporters named above, and any editor who might be available. The question we asked was a simple one: “What are your editorial standards for the questioning someone’s patriotism.”

No one would respond, except a PR person who promised to get back to us.

We will update this story if an answer is forthcoming.


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