Giuliani Destroys Obama on Benghazi, CNN Host Quickly Changes Subject

Walked back into the TV room to catch Rudy Giuliani ripping Obama for ignoring the requests for extra security at Benghazi — just hammering him. CNN anchor Erin Burnett couldn’t think of any way to spin it, so the conversation immediately pivoted to superstorm Sandy.

Giuliani specifically ignored the controversy over the YouTube video and the cover-up after the 9/11 attack. He simply laid out the facts of the attacks reported in the months preceding the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Multiple attacks — holes drilled in walls. British consulate, Red Cross pulling out of the area. Staff begging for more security. Obama ignored all this, he charged, and that demonstrates his incapability as Commander-in-Chief.

To which Ms. Burnett replied, yes, you’ve made your case on that, but what about the Sandy relief effort which polls show Obama has an [X]% approval rating?