Joe Trippi: More Democrats Watch Fox Than Watch MSNBC

Politics aside, Joe Trippi is one of the most appealing guys on Fox News, and in this worthwhile profile he drops this interesting factoid:

Trippi’s relationship with Fox began near the end of 2010, when he ran into Roger Ailes after doing a guest-spot on the network. “At the time, there was a big unofficial boycott of Democrats going on Fox, and I never understood it,” Trippi explains, “because my reading of the numbers is that more Democrats and independents watch Fox than CNN and MSNBC. … No, no, wait. Pew just did a study that showed that thirty percent of Fox’s audience are Democrats.” (He made this point to me about 49 times.) “And if you do the math,” which of course he has, “Fox has two million people watching, and MSNBC has six hundred thousand. So for MSNBC to have more Democrats watching, every single person watching MSNBC would have to be a Democrat.

Obviously, no small amount of Democrats understand that you really have to watch Fox if you’re going to get all the news. Imagine how ignorant we would all be about Libya if all we had access to was CNN, MSNBC, Politico and the rest…

Democrats might not appreciate the openly partisan programming at FNC, but much of the Fox day and evening is filled with some of the best straight news reporting around.


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