Chris Matthews Congratulates Guest For Being On His Show

Chris Matthews Congratulates Guest For Being On His Show

I’m sure it was a huge moment in Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski’s career to appear on that MSNBC show that gets trounced by “The Five” every day.  (Why else would he wear that snappy vest?)

But even while basking in the euphoria of the Matthew’s appearance he must have been put off by the way Chris Matthews ended their segment:   

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A couple of other notes on this short snippet from Chris Matthews’ impossible-to-watch nightly event:

  • Matthews praises Andrea Mitchell for having Hillary Clinton on her show Thursday.  “What a great get” he exclaims!  Yeah… GREAT get… after Steve Kroft GOT her four days ago and Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren GOT her last night.  Is Matthews clueless, or does he just know his audience is?
  • Matthews teases that Kevin Spacey will be next to talk about his new series “House of Cards” which is “ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.”  Someone please tell Matthews that “House of Cards” is based on a British drama written decades ago and merely updated and relocated to Washington DC.  

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