Review: 'Paranormal Activity 4'

A few of the bright spots in a film industry currently in more creative trouble than at any other time in its history, are three genre franchises: “Resident Evil,” “Fast and Furious” (now that the original cast is back), and “Paranormal Activity.” The fourth “Paranormal” arrives on Bluray today, and fans will not be disappointed.

We’re all built a little different, and for some reason this series scares me every bit as much as “The Exorcist.” For whatever reason my wiring finds these low-budget, found-footage gems so frightening, that watching them is excruciating; an exercise in watching the DVD timer and wishing they would just come to an end. In other words, they’re awesome.

Chapter four is loosely connected to its predecessors, a major character returns  in a key role, and the unbearable slow-burn of tension that results in a fright right when you least expect it, clicks in within the first few minutes and never lets go.

The budget may be low and the story simple, but in my opinion there’s nothing that requires more talent from a filmmaker then the delivering of genuine tension and scares. There’s no middle ground in horror films. They either succeed or fail.  “Paranormal Activity 4” is brilliant.


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