Stop-and-frisk works so what's the objection?

Stop-and-frisk works in New York City so why does the left fight it so hard and why not institute it in crime-ridden areas across the country. 

Stop-and-frisk defined.

STOP – To temporarily detain a person for questioning.
FRISK – A running of the hands over the clothing, feeling for a weapon.
SEARCH – To place hands inside the pocket door other interior parts of clothing to determine if object felt as a weapon.

4th Amendment rights protected. From the NYPD Patrol Guide, Procedure no: 212 – 11

If person stopped refuses to identify him/herself (and there is no reason to take summary action) check off “REFUSED” in the appropriate space of STOP, QUESTION AND FRISK REPORT WORKSHEET. Allow suspect to depart only after completing investigation and only if investigation does not establish probable cause to arrest the suspect. Request patrol supervisor to respond and confirm refusal, review STOP, QUESTION AND FRISK REPORT WORKSHEET, and action taken. Do not detain suspect while awaiting arrival of patrol supervisor if investigation is completed and no probable cause to arrest suspect.

Yes, your rights are protected because you have the right to say no.

No racial profiling in ‘stop and frisk:’ NYPD report ‘ February 4, 2013
A new report on 2011 stop-and-frisks lists precinct population breakdowns by race and details what percentage of each racial group are described as suspects.

Who is not complaining? The residents who can walk safely at night, and businesses not being broken into as crime drops.