HuffPost Live Update-Bloomberg Attacks Fellow Democrats in Chicago

So I just finished up another segment on HuffPost Live, and this the time host was Abby Huntsman. Hubba Hubba. I was kind of bummed that the ‘excited one’ Marc Lamont Hill, who probably took the day off after getting punched around yesterday for that insensitive comment he made regarding the  deceased cop-killer, Chris Dorner, wasn’t the host today.

Abby has really come along way since when I first met her at one of her dad’s last Presidential primary campaign event in Miami. Great job today Abby, and please tell Marc I send my best. Bwahahaha!

Btw, we discussed Lady Gaga’s hip injury, Chainze arrest for dope, Kathy Giffords, and Bloomberg’s Super PAC, that is attacking two Democratic congressional candidates in the Chicago area.

It’s always fun to talk about a liberal Democrat going after two other liberal Democrats over gun control.