It's Serfdom, Not Slavery

It kills me when I hear the black communtiy refered to as a plantation.  It gives liberals an excuse to reject your argument as ‘far right’ and the black community to feel insulted, fairly or not.

My main problem with calling the black community a plantation is it implies they work.  The purpose of today’s “masta” is to create dependency.  They don’t want producers.  It’s a false analogy.

As horrible as it was, slavery built this nation.  The leaders of today only seek to destroy.  They use class warfare as a weapon because they want a class system.  They have created a few classes already, including a generational poverty class in the heart of every American city.

 The political class wants serfs that accept their position in life because they feel they have no option.  You break serfdom with freedom and ambition (Capitalism).