Sequestration and the Audacious Dishonesty of BuzzFeed

As though manufactured anonymous sources wasn’t enough, today BuzzFeed’s own Andrew Kaczynski is now tweeting out mockery of sequestration fear-mongering.

Yes, that’s correct, ladies and gentlemen, a guy who works for a site that was the tip of the online spear when it came to spreading the White House’s lies about sequestration-doom is now tweeting mockery of sequestration doom.

Does Kaczynski read his own site? Or does he just hope the rest of us don’t? Because it was just a few days ago that BuzzFeed was screaming about how sequestration could kill 750,000 jobs and — no joke —  …”Make 100,000 More People Homeless Within A Year“; now Kaczynski is all hoo-hoo ha-ha, the doom and gloomers sure look silly!