Rand Paul wins, despite late hit from McCain and Graham

In response to WH Concedes: President Does Not Have the Authority to Kill an American on U.S. Soil (Video):

Darn it, and here you had John McCain and Lindsey Graham trying so very hard to tackle Rand Paul in their own end zone and hand Obama a safety!  It’s getting so that a couple of aging RINOs can’t even protect the most left-wing Administration in history from those young conservative rascals.

It’s not just that McCain was fighting to protect Obama and Holder from Paul; it’s that he was so contemptuous of Paul, as though the very fact that he would dare ask his questions was an insult to the noble Administration (or, given how he and Graham kept talking about the great service records of UAVs in Middle Easter theaters, to the honor of the drones themselves.)  If only McCain could have gotten half that much dander up at Barack Obama in 2008…