Ashley Judd, the Crazy Shrieking Woman Who Knocks over Your Garbage Cans at Night

I can’t even repeat what she said here, as I think people would find the imagery she uses too graphic.

Whenever Ashley Judd doesn’t like something, she says it’s just like rape. Mining coal? Just like rape. Anchovies on a Caesar salad? Just like rape.

Well, in the case of “conflict minerals” (any mineral mined in a country which is backwards and engaged in civil war, which is like half of them, really), there are rapes in such backwards, violent countries, so, because she basically calls everything else rape, what can she say about actual rape? For actual rape, she really has to kick the rhetoric up a notch (Warning: Graphic imagery expressed through words).

If you don’t want to click on it, here’s the precis: If you own an Apple product you are supporting violent rape.

She’s so sophormorically pretentious, by the way. She prefaces her Rape Analogy with a “Dare I say…?” She’s such a dum-dum and crazywoman. You gotta be kidding me on this.

via @jackmcoldcuts


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