What is the Pecking Order of Nerdy Things?

A wise man* once observed:  God created Star Trek to give other nerds someone to look down on.

 Another wit** observed:  God created ST: TNG so that ST: TOS nerds would have someone to look down on.

This is my preliminary estimate of the Nerd Pecking order.  You can use this list to determine How Sad You Are.

The number beside each is the Social Acceptability Rating — how acceptable it is to be this sort of Nerd.  Higher is better.  Thus, additional nerd categories may be rated according to the Social Acceptability Ratings already provided.  Example:  This guy who won’t stop telling me “You must convert to Unix!” is about a 3.8.  At least it’s practical.

7  Star Wars

6  Comic Books (includes Sports Nerds; both feed adolescent fantasies about being badass and omnicapable; and yeah, Sports Nerds have to look themselves in the mirror and realize that knowing Jose Cansenco’s on base slugging average is no different from knowing who Cyclops’ brother is) >

5  Horror Nerd Stuff (includes all shock/goth nerdism, including Music/Rock/Punk Nerdism) >

4  Law & Order: SVU (L&O: SVU is just Star Trek for girls, same watching of the same repeats 2ox, same Kirk and Spock chaste romance, same “it’s always the same episode” thing); Also includes Reading  >

3  Dungeons & Dragons (includes Lord of the Rings and all other fantasy like The One With the Glaive) >

2  All other weird stuff like Anime or Model Trains or  People Who Won’t Shut Up About Coffee or Whatever>

1  Star Trek: The Original Series >

0  Star Trek: The Next Generation

The scale does not include negative numbers.




Any disputes or do you think the list is pretty solid?