Cut Off? House Approps Threatens to use 'Power of the Purse' on IRS

GOP members on the House Appropriations Committee stated they would use ‘purse strings’ to get to the truth about IRS’ ideological profiling of tea party and conservative organizations.

Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) said “his panel may impose conditions on IRS funding, calling the targeting tantamount to a political enemies list that harkens back to ‘a dark page in our past.’ “

Rogers told Danny Werful, the new acting IRS chief “And I don’t need to remind you or anybody else that the power of the purse rests with the Congress, and we’re prepared to use that purse to get to the truth.”

Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL) asked how the committee could “spend one more dime” without an understanding of how the IRS is operating. 

Hearings on the IRS Scandal continue today, with the IRS vicitms testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee. 


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