King of the foreign policy fumble

Let’s take stock: Egypt is in flames, and both sides of the bubbling civil war hate Barack Obama and his foreign policy team.  Turkey is descending into an Islamist sinkhole on a more controllable glide path, which means the Islamists aren’t likely to be dislodged by any street protests.  Syria is a quagmire where Obama’s declared policies will put American weapons in the hands of people who wave the black flag of al-Qaeda, and behead Christian priests in their spare time.  Libya is an unmitigated disaster in which the hinterlands swarm with terrorists, while armed militas are rampaging through the capital, and Team Obama is still lying about what happened on the night of 9/11/2012.  Iran draws inexorably closer to its rebirth as a nuclear power.  Europe is convulsed with rage over Obama’s spying programs.  Russia and China take turns using Obama as the straight man in a geo-political comedy routine.  

Domestic energy programs have been thwarted in the name of cronyism and radical green ideology, and the manufacturing sector has dissolved while Obama’s policies transform us into a nation of part-time waiters and waitresses, making us more dependent on this increasingly hostile world for our basic industrial needs.

Obama has made the world into an utter disaster for America, from sea to turbulent sea.  It’s sadly funny to remember how several Republican presidential candidates in 2012, notably Rick Perry and Herman Cain, were castigated for their supposed lack of foreign policy acumen.  How would either of their foreign policies have been any worse than this?  The king of the foreign policy fumble remains firmly ensconced in the White House, and he’s not just giving undercooked answers to a few debate questions from hostile media moderators.


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