Mock and Tackle Moment – Why Do Atheists Fear Allah?

The freedom from religion crowd and their lawsuits are hypocrites. Time to mock them and tackle their hypocrisy. 

They pick on the meek who turn the other cheek frequently attacking God, G-d, Yahweh or some version of Judeo-Christian spiritual philosophy. They do not bother Buddha much but then, he’s a pretty cool God that makes you want to love him. I think it’s the belly.  They will not take on Allah because they fear a fatwa. Never mind the sporadic utterances or a billboard or two about the Muslim religion. I’m talking about a sustained campaign. 

Screw them and their “War on Christmas” or some other town square fake controversy. I want a war on hypocritical intolerance. If I turn the other cheek, it’s the one they can kiss.

Sarcasm with a generous helping of truth. Just one more service I offer.


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