Poll: Three-Quarters Say 'Essential' Immigrants Learn English

A Gallup poll released today shows that almost 3/4 of adults say it is ‘essential’ that immigrants learn to speak English.  Twenty-four percent say it is ‘important’ and 2% say it is not important. The survey was conducted June 13-July 5 of 4,373 adults. 

More notable are the difference broken out by sub-group: 

% Essential

White 77% 

Black 67% 

Hispanic 58% 

Democrats 65%

Independents 71%

Republicans 85%

There appears to be a correlation (I don’t have the dataset so I can’t test for sure) between citizenship and the belief it is essential to master the English language. The closer one is to immigration, either as an immigrant or having a parent as an immigrant, the less likely one is to think it is essential to learn English. 

% Essential

US Immigrant 59%

One/Both Parents Immigrants 64%

Self/Parent born in US 75%