San Diego Hooters: It's Important That Our Restaurant Maintain Standards, and That Means We Won't Be Serving Mayor 'Fingers' Filner

This just in from the executive director of the San Diego Republican Party: Bob Filner will have to find somewhere else for quality chicken wings served with blue cheese and tasteful cameltoe.

Well that’s just fine, but that’s just a sign. How do we know this is really Hooters? If this is Hooters, where be thy hoots?

Ah, there you go.

Now, fortunately this is just a Local Crime Story so there press doesn’t have to cover it.

Except it’s not quite Local. Apparently this is a corporate-level decision now applicable to all Hooters.

I guess Bob Filner used the line “Do you want a big tip, or do you want the whole thing?” too many times.

Well he probably didn’t use a line.  He probably just grabbed at them.  Like a monster.