Al-Qaeda Seeks to Exploit Obama's Weak International Leadership

As new details emerge involving intercepted al Qaeda communications that led to the recent closings of several American embassies, sources report that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri opened the so-called conference with what should be a troubling assessment of America’s position abroad thanks to the weak leadership of the current Democrat administration.

Zawahiri cited current uprisings in the Middle East and equated America today with the Soviet Union of the late 1980’s just before the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet empire effectively collapsedAdditionally, “Zawahiri urged others in the conference to take advantage of America’s declining influence in the region,” according to the Daily Beast.

Reports also indicate that while intelligence sources were eventually able to gather information on the relatively large al Qaeda techo-conference, the intel came in after the fact, suggesting real-time intelligence is still hard to come by when it comes to one of America’s most dangerous enemies.

“The technology is there for al Qaeda to have an encrypted cyber Web conference that exists over instant-message software with each other in a onetime-only chat room that disappears as soon as the conference is over,” said Laith al-Khouri, a senior consultant at Flashpoint Global Partners, an intelligence consulting group. “This can also carry video from the participants if they are using instant-messaging software that has the functionality of a video teleconference. I believe al Qaeda has that capability.”

Certainly, the mass closings of American embassies around the world is anything but a show of strength. That’s just one more unfortunate sign of weakness the current administration elected to project to what appears to be a confident and motivated al Qaeda that sees America as vulnerable.

It’s quite likely that the failures of this administration which led to the Benghazi debacle played a role in their opting to close so may embassies out of what now appears to be an over-abundance of caution. 

The mistakes of the Obama administration and the State Department under Hillary Clinton do seem to have a way of compounding themselves in a manner many would suggest puts America and Americans at greater risk around the globe.