Debbie Wasserman Scultz: Actually, Dozens of Countries Support Us In Our Syria Strike, But It's a Secret So I Can't Tell You Who

Bush had the tangible help of dozens of countries — some troops, some medical personnel, some airlift and refueling support — and the on-the-record support (even if not always backed by tangible contributions) of more than 40 countries in his so-called, much-derided “Coalition of the Willing.”

And yet that support was not enough to make the war legitimate — Iraq, after all, had never attacked us, except for all the times it attacked us. 

And I seem to remember something about Saddam Hussein gassing rebels… and not ambiguously, either.  He had the gassing of the Kurds printed up on travel brochures for foreign visitors, just so they knew he was TCOB.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz now says she she’s got that beat: Obama doesn’t have tangible support from anyone but France (and what are they going to do? Hold our seats while our pilots conduct missions?), and Obama doesn’t have publicly-declared support from anyone else.

But he has something better: Double Secret Support.

Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says there are “dozens” of nations supporting the United States’ intervention in Syria, but regrets she’s “not at liberty to say” which ones.

OMG guys, let’s just stop thinking and stop asking questions and let’s just Do This Thing. For the comedy value of it.