Anti-War Protest in Hollywood Draws 100 People

About 100 anti-war protesters mixed with superheroes and stormtroopers at a rally in Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Protesters banged drums and screamed obscenities on the sidewalk where families of tourists come to see the Walk of Fame and the nearby Chinese theater.

The protest took place at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland Sunday afternoon at 2pm. This is an area where a large outdoor mall sits adjacent to the famous Chinese theater where celebrities dip their hands in feet in cement. Protesters chanted and sometimes screamed into a portable PA system as one person banged out a rythym on a large drum painted with the peace symbol.

The most popular chant was “1,2,3,4/We don’t want your f–king war!” However protesters also made President Obama the focus of their ire with chants like “Obama lies, people die/Revoke Obama’s peace prize.”

Participants in the rally walked back and forth across Hollywood Blvd. holding their signs up for drivers. They had to be repeatedly warned by police not to block traffic. At one point, the rally did step into the street with protesters at the front unveiling a large sign which turned out to be upside down. They got the sign fixed but moments later police surrounded them and moved them back onto the sidewalks.

KTLA 5 reported “dozens of protesters” on hand while the LA Times put the number at “more than 100.” Even using the LA Times guesstimate, this is about half as many people as participated in a Trayvon Martin rally in mid-July.

News outlets claim no arrests were made but protesters posted video on their Facebook page showing at least one arrest was made. The following video does not show the arrest but does give a sample of the rally as it progressed throughout the afternoon.