Shutdown optics become a funhouse mirror of ruling-class contempt


In response to Service Academy Football Games Cancelled For The ‘Optics’:

The “optics” of this little donnybrook have been astonishing.  The Democrats will stoop to any depth to make people hurt, and they’re not doing a very good job of covering their tracks – perhaps having overestimated the willingness and ability of the media to wipe their fingerprints off the thumbscrews.  It didn’t take long to firmly establish that the goon squads dispatched to the World War II memorial were sent by White House orders, or for Harry Reid to blurt that children dying of cancer aren’t as much of a concern for him as furloughed federal workers.  

Obama’s been shutting down attractions that don’t receive any federal funding, and even events that generate huge profits, such as military athletics and the Miramar Air Show.  No price is too high to punish unruly citizens… especially when the citizens pay for their own discipline.  It’s the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey” nobody asked for, starring Barack Obama and submissive Americans as his S&M playmate.

Obama just staggered out to give a shrieking-ninny press conference in which he sobbed that “if a worker shut down a manufacturing plant until they got what they wanted, they’d be fired.”  Presumably some unlucky aide – one of the twenty or so “essential” body servants His Majesty still enjoys during the “shutdown” – was tasked with gently explaining that Obama just killed the entire organized labor movement, which is premised entirely on doing what he said nobody should be allowed to do.  The aide might also gently remind Obama that he personally supported legislation to ensure workers who shut down manufacturing plants until they get what they want will not be fired.

It’s interesting to see the Democrats overplay their hand in so many ways so quickly.  Why, you’d almost think they’re scared out of their ever-loving skins that people will decide they like the shutdown.  Pass a few of those carefully crafted Republican bills to fund the valuable services currently under suspension, cashier Obama’s Shutdown Theater troupe, and Americans might just want to keep this up forever.


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