Classy Sign There OFA

In response to OFA Rally on Capitol Steps Draws Two Dozen:

“Tea Tards?”

Really Obama For Action?  That’s not slightly offensive to you?

On Sunday, we were treated to mass hysteria on the left over some redneck holding a Confederate flag among the thousands of protesters attending the Million Vet March. The Confederate flag is controversial, of course, because people feel it’s a shameful reminder of slavery and segregation. Many others, on the other hand,  consider it a proud emblem of Southern heritage.

Jonathan Capehart at The Washington Post opined that it was it was “an ugly rebel yell in front of the White House.”

If you want to curdle the blood of an African American and send a message of menace without resorting to burning a cross on the lawn or marching around in white sheets all one need do is wave the Confederate flag. So imagine my revulsion at the sight of one outside the front gates of the White House.

I can only wonder if Capehart is similarly outraged by that thoughtless OFA sign on the Capitol steps. Keep in mind, the demeaning message is on one sign out of only a few.