The one thing Obama wasn't lying about today

In response to Obama: There Were ‘A Whole Bunch Of Folks Up In Congress’ Who Made The Same Promise:

Pretty much the only honest statement Barack Obama has made about his “signature achievement” is that a whole bunch of Democrats repeated his “if you like your plan” lie.  Of course, I guess he’s trying to fool people into thinking it wasn’t just Democrats, but there can’t be anyone that stupid.

As it happens, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy put together a list of Democrats repeating the Big Lie.  He gave us permission to reprint it over at Human Events.  Holy crap, is it ever a long list!  He’s got almost 60 quotes in there.  Quite a few of these con artists put the Big Lie in writing on their websites.  (Rep. McCarthy notes that quite of bit of website scrubbing has been going on since the ObamaCare implosion got under way, but some of them haven’t corrected every reference to the lie yet.)  

Before reviewing the list, readers, can you guess which Democrat actually put “let me be clear” at the beginning of their rendition of the Big Lie?  I’ll bet you can.

Obama’s invocation of this “lots of other people said it” is pretty silly, even by his admittedly low standards.  Of course they said it.  They were parroting you, Mr. President.  You’re the titular leader of an authoritarian Party filled with people who don’t know any more about health care than you do.  Not a single man or woman among you read the Affordable Care Act before passing it into law.  They mindlessly repeated your slogan.  Some of them were still repeating it a couple of days ago.  Reminding the American voter that you run a mob of clueless parrots isn’t going to help your cause right now.

Update: Which is not to say that every Democrat was mindlessly parroting Obama’s slogan.  Some of them are documented liars in their own right, like bunco artist Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina, whose aides just admitted that she had a hand in writing the Worst Bill in History… and knew there would be a wave of insurance cancellations “some time ago,” but helped Obama spread the Big Lie anyway.  Of course, the spin from Hagan is that she knew it would be the mean old insurance companies – those heartless bastards – who canceled all those policies out of sheer evil.  But all that New Fascist spin isn’t going to obscure the fact that she knew, and said nothing.