This Is Love: Husband Receives Christmas Gift From Beyond The Grave (Video)

Two years after his wife died of ovarian cancer, an Iowa man received a very special Christmas gift from her.

Prior to her death, Brenda Schmitz had made arrangements to give her family a trip, her children’s new stepmother a weekend of pampering, and left gifts for the hospital staff who treated her. These gifts were to be given as soon as her husband found new love, which she wanted him to know, she blessed.

David Schmitz, the husband and father of their four children, received her gift after being called into a Des Moines radio station, KSTZ, to be part of a popular and long-running program  held every year at Christmas time, in which wishes are granted to listeners.

Via  Today:

“I didn’t have an idea what it was about,” Schmitz told NBC’s Mike Taibbi.
A letter, written two years ago from his wife, had made its way to the radio station and was read on air.
“Hello, my name is Brenda. When you are in receipt of this letter I will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer,” the letter started.