Obama's Push For "Equality" Is But A "Liberal Dream"


During an impromptu news gaggle reporters  at the Capitol in Washington,D.C., Senator Marco Rubio was asked if he thought Republicans and Democrats would come together on the President’s call for “equality,” which quickly prompted Rubio to say that he would like to see everyone  come together on “things on things that will grow our economy,” and not just on one issue that conforms with the President’s selfish liberal agenda.

 I hope we can come together on things that will grow our economy, but again, every time you try to do something for the economy, its always linked to some other issue, some other liberal dream.Sen. Marco Rubio

 Rubio added ,”I don’t believe we should  accept a horrible policy in exchange for something all of us agree on, which is what they continue to ask for.”

 Rubio went on to say that the Democrats have admitted that the “tax increases they propose would not even begin to make a down payment on the debt, yet they insist on it as a head in their liberal trophy case.”  

On the issue of increasing the minimum wage nationwide, like the President did for federal employees, Rubio believes that Americans need to aspire for bigger and better opportunities, not some $10.10 an hour job.

 I don’t think minimum wage should be our goal, I think paying someone $10.10/hr is not what we would aspire our people to make, I think we should aim much higher than that.  It will not solve our problem, it will cost many people their jobs, especially for small and mid-sized businesses, who have a tight bottom line.-Sen. Marco Rubio


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