Imagine If The GOP Did Something That Creepy

In response to What message are these Democrat creeps sending, exactly?:

Re your question, “what’s your estimate of how long it would take for a five-alarm media freakout to erupt if a Republican group created a graphic like this about any Democrat?” — I was thinking the same exact thing.

Imagine if you will, a graphic depicting Wendy Davis with her mouth taped shut – or Nancy Pelosi – or Sandra Fluke…

Oh my gosh.  The full-blown “war on women!” firestorm that would erupt, would be immediate and deafening.  Not that the NRCC would ever stoop to doing anything like that. They wouldn’t and of course shouldn’t.

Imagine if the graphic were of the president with duck tape over his mouth.  Oh, the tremors and palpitations the left would have! Just think of the epic race-baiting meltdown the talking heads at MSNBC would have for days and weeks on end. Again – such an image would not be cool, and I wouldn’t endorse it.

But Democrats can get away with displaying their sicko graphic of the Speaker of the House, why? Because he’s a man? Because he’s a Republican? Because he’s white? What?


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