Obama Is Everything 'Alex' Warned About

In response to Hanging out with Big Al de Tocqueville:

I’m not inclined to write off the president’s “Alex” gaffe as a verbal stumble. I think it’s very unlikely that Obama has read any part of Alexis De Tocqueville’s remarkable work, “Democracy in America,” or given that great defender of our democracy more than a passing thought. 

Obama, being the personification of everything de Tocqueville warned about, should have choked on the words his speechwriter wrote down for him:

 “Alexis (pronounced Alex) de Tocqueville, that great son of France who chronicled our American democracy, wrote that even as we marvel at our freedom, there’s nothing harder than learning how to use our freedom.” Video here.

Obama’s still learning.

De Tocqueville credited our laws and “mores” – particularly our Christian mores for America’s success.

“For the Americans,” Tocqueville wrote, “the ideas of Christianity and liberty are so completely mingled that it is almost impossible to get them to conceive of one without the other.”  Tocqueville understood that without virtuous customs and prudential laws, the people become a selfish, unruly mob.

Our current president, with his war on religion, and rule of law, is in the process of dismantling everything that has made this country great.

And “that great son of France” warned against these threats to our freedom: a tyranny of the majority, excessive materialism, and an “insatiable” desire for equality.

Last November, Senate Democrats, in a raw display of partisan political power, changed the Senate rules on the filibuster to permit the majority to do whatever Obama wants with the courts and executive agencies. That is the “tyranny of the majority” de Tocqueville warned about.

Whether it’s that $12,000 dress Michelle just wore to a State dinner, their expensive vacations at taxpayer expense, lavish parties at the White House with the beautiful people, or their dogs dining at a table laid with crystal and china – good grief – the Obamas are all about crass “excessive materialism.”

And of course, the “insatiable desire” for “income equality” is what Obama calls “the defining challenge of our time.”