Sources Say The Koch Brothers Are Living Rent Free In Harry Reid's Head

In response to Source Suggests 74 Year-Old Harry Reid Might Have Alzheimer’s:

In addition to his tragic case of amnesia over his very recent comments insulting victims of ObamaCare as liars, Harry Reid has also in the span of one week,  gotten caught in an FEC rule-breaking scandal (that is getting worse for him by the minute), insulted the American people by suggesting they’re too stupid to figure out how to use the internet, reminded voters that Republicans have held 60 votes to save them from the grossly unpopular ObamaCare law,  attacked the Koch brothers for their “Outrageous spending” (!) and accused Republicans of helping Putin annex the Crimea.

There’s an explanation for this – and it’s not that former boxer Reid took too many blows to the head during his fighting days.

My source tells me the diabolical Koch brothers are living rent free in Dingy’s head, forcing him to say outrageous, embarrassing, ridiculous things. 

The only solution may be for him to step down from his perch as Majority Leader of the Senate before he embarrasses his party any further.