Poll: Voters Increasingly Sour On ObamaCare

In the wake of the still ongoing Veterans Affairs scandal, a new poll indicates “less than a third of voters believes that the government will do a better job with ObamaCare than the VA did managing care for vets (31 percent). Over half believe it won’t (55 percent).”

Furthermore a majority of voters regret ObamaCare was passed into law and think the nation is worse off because of it.

By a 55-38 percent margin, people wish the Affordable Care Act had never passed and the 2009 system were still in place. That includes a quarter of Democrats (25 percent), a majority of independents (58 percent) and most Republicans (85 percent). 

Over half of voters under age 35 (53 percent) along with a majority of those ages 65 and over (58 percent) regret ObamaCare passed. 

Nearly 60% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s job performance when it comes to healthcare, despite ObamaCare being his so called signature legislation.

In terms of approval, Obama has seen his numbers decrease, “Overall, 39 percent of voters approve of the way President Obama is handling health care, down from 43 percent last month.”