Hagan Dodges Media Over VA Scandal

As reported here earlier, Senate Democrat Kay Hagan had no problems making bold pronouncements about her concern for veterans when she was first running for her current office. However, six years later as she runs for a second term, it turns out her rhetoric doesn’t match up to her dismal record. 

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan appears quick to try and capitalize on the on going Veteran’s Affairs scandal; however, it seems a bit disingenuous of her, given that she was aware of issues in the VA as far back as 2008 and appears to have done nothing to help.

No wonder she’s now dodging the media, as opposed to the grandstanding she did back in 2008. It seems Hagan lost no time in going from giving lip service to solutions, to becoming part of the problem that is Washington.

Hagan’s meeting Monday was closed to the media and she did not speak to reporters afterwards – citing the need to catch a flight back to Washington. She does plan to meet with reporters Tuesday.

In 2008, she claimed her opponent former Senator Dole had become a part of Washington, not North Carolina. It’s difficult to see how anything’s changed, except for perhaps having gotten worse during Hagan’s tenure.

In fact, as the News and Observer pointed out, despite having claimed to have been well aware of some VA issues as far back as 2008, in what looks like pure Washington politics, she wouldn’t even join some fellow Democrats in calling for Shinseki’s resignation early on, despite her home state of North Carolina having some of the longest wait times in the nation. 

… But she has refrained from pointing the finger at Shinseki even as other leaders – including her Republican opponent Thom Tillis and even Democrats – are joining the chorus asking him to resign.

Hagan’s seems open to the charge of playing Washington politics, as opposed to fighting to resolve problems plaguing America’s veterans she claimed to have been aware of almost six years ago.