Kay Hagan Exploiting Veterans After Dropping The Ball on Their Concerns

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan appears quick to try and capitalize on the on going Veteran’s Affairs scandal; however, it seems a bit disingenuous of her, given that she was aware of issues in the VA as far back as 2008 and appears to have done nothing to help.

A report of her visit today again points out how bad the current VA situation is in North Carolina. It’s one of the worst in the country.

Senator Kay Hagan is making a trip to the Fayetteville VA Medical Center Monday.
She will meet with senior officials and staff to see if they’re making headway on corrective actions to reduce excessive wait times for veterans. A recent audit revealed the center’s wait times for vets were some of the longest in the country.

Yet, back in 2008 then candidate Hagan used veterans to attack her Republican opponent and touted her concern for them and awareness of their issues. Here’s then State Sen. Kay Hagan at the U.S. Senate Debate At NC Bar Association in Atlantic Beach, NC o n June 21, 2008. 

“There is so many things that the federal government has not done to help our veterans. In North Carolina we just done a child family resource center. I was at the ribbon cutting 3 weeks ago and it’s where people can go to have psychological help for post traumatic stress disorders and where children can come to have somebody council them while there maybe one or two parents are away at war. I’m having veteran townhall meetings all across this state and hearing first hand about the problems so many of these people are having and it just breaks your heart. We have got to do a better job of supporting our veterans.”

Either Hagan mis-represented her genuine awareness of and concern for veteran’s issues back in 2008, or she’s been fully aware of concerns all along and did absolutely nothing to help as things grew worse, instead of improving under her watch. 

Hagan should not be allowed to get away with playing it both ways for no better reason than a photo op during her current campaign for re-election.