Senator Udall Skips His Own Fundraiser With Toxic Obama (Video)

Colorado Senator Mark Udall votes with the president 99% of the time and worked hard for his reelection in 2012, but for some reason now, he won’t be seen with him at his own fundraiser in Denver. 

Citing “last minute votes and legislative activity”, Udall canceled plans Wednesday to appear at a fundraiser in Colorado with Obama.
Another possible reason? Obama’s 54% disapproval rating in Colorado. 

This morning, Udall joined Senate Democrats at a Capitol Hill news conference on the Hobby Lobby decision, which indicates he finds pushing the Democrats’ phony #WarOnWoman election year narrative more helpful to him than attending his own fundraiser in Colorado with the president. 

Obama is in Denver to participate in the fundraising luncheon hosted by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and the Udall campaign. He also found time to deliver yet another speech about the economy (ugh) so the taxpayers could pick up the tab for the trip. 

Rep Cory Gardner, Mark Udall’s challenger, released the following web video in reaction to Obama’s trip to Colorado. 

“Colorado has needed help in the Senate for the last six years, but Mark Udall has been more concerned with helping President Obama than he has been with helping his constituents back home,”  campaign spokesman Alex Siciliano said. “Now that he has been called out on being a rubber stamp for President Obama’s agenda he has decided to hide in Washington, DC instead of face voters back in his home state. Senator Udall’s bizarre behavior these last few days will no doubt leave many Coloradans questioning his integrity, and rightly so.” 

The video highlights Udall’s past – shall we say – enthusiastic support for the president.



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