Red alert on your smartphone: living with daily terror attacks in Israel

There’s actually a smartphone app for tracking terrorist rocket attacks on Israel.  Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) was meeting with the Israeli ambassador on Friday when the Ambassador’s phone started popping off with red alert messages, prompting the Congressman to install it himself.  

The app tells you which cities in Israel have random murder weapons dropping on them: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Asheklon… just about all of them are now in range of the weapons Hamas likes to keep in apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and mosques.  (Yes, mosques.  The Israeli Defense Force was just obliged to hit a mosque stuffed with munitions, which Hamas, of course, is trying to use as a propaganda coup to rally Muslim support.)

These rocket attacks have intensified dramatically as the Hamas gangsters took resisting arrest for the murder of three Israeli students (one of them an American with dual citizenship) and escalated it into a shooting war, but the attacks never really stop.  A generation of Israelis has grown up dealing with them as a fact of life.  Rep. Duncan mentions meeting a farmer in Israel who showed him a couple of shoeboxes full of rocket and mortar fragments, collected on her property over the years.  “I don’t have a rocket and mortar fragment collection,” Duncan remarked.  “Do you? I doubt anyone in America does.”

Ever since I heard about Israel’s “Red Alert” phone app, I’ve been thinking that every journalist in the Western world should be required to install it.  They do seem to forget all about those constant terror attacks until there’s a bit of return fire coming from Israel, don’t they?

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