PolitiFact Wisconsin Rates as True Scott Walker $3 Billion in Taxpayer Savings Claim

PolitiFact Wisconsin rates as mostly true this statement from Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker, “I support our Act 10 reforms, because they saved the taxpayers some $3 billion.”

That’s important as, not only did Walker take a lot of heat for implementing the reforms, the subsequent savings are center stage in his campaign for re-election. It’s also not the first time PolitiFact has deemed this type of claim by Walker as true.

We’ve heard from Walker before about billions in savings.

In March 2014, he claimed that once his Blueprint for Prosperity plan was signed into law, “we will have delivered $2 billion” in tax relief — a claim we rated True.

Now, this latest from PolitiFact indicates that Walker has been both consistent and honest in his claims as regards his accomplishments in office as he prepares to face voters yet once again.

In a July 21, 2014 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker defended the three-year-old law, and made a claim that he’s already begun to repeat ahead of the November general election.

But Act 10 wasn’t a tax cut. So have taxpayers really saved some $3 billion?