Time Magazine's Totally Juvenile Attack on Chris Christie

Yesterday a woman used the Q&A portion of one of Gov. Christie’s town hall events to question his use of Bruce Springsteen’s music prior to the event. Time magazine turned that into a story titled “Watch Chris Christie Get Totally Defensive About Being Friends With Bruce Springsteen.” Totally, dude.

“I thought I heard that Bruce asked that none of his music was played at your events because he didn’t believe in your politics,” a woman identified as Sandy Booket suggested. In Time’s re-telling, Sandy Booket is a “reporter.” Maybe that’s the case
though she doesn’t seem to have written anything available anywhere on the internet. The Asbury Park Press didn’t identify Booket as a reporter. She identified herself as Springsteen’s “neighbor.” When not hectoring Christie, Booket held a sign that read “Indict” with a silhouetted image of handcuffs.

In any case, Time claims “Christie totally freaked” (totally!) about the woman’s unsubstantiated claim. Christie responded, “Bruce has never asked me to do that. He never has.” He then pointed out that he had seen Springsteen as recently as a week and a half ago and he had said nothing about not playing his music.

So here is Time magazine’s take on Christie’s response:

The governor appeared furious at the insinuation that he and Bruce were
on the outs, although he did not provide any proof of their friendship,
such as letters from camp, friendship bracelets, or selfies

As Booket persisted in hectoring the Governor, Christie replied, “You’re now expressing your politics and your objection and that’s fine; don’t put in Mr. Springsteen’s mouth. Put it in yours.” Christie then turned to his people off-stage and humorously suggested, “When I leave, just so we can have this lady be a little calmer, let’s play Bon Jovi on the way out.”

Booket, who Time magazine says “seemed very calm,” responded to the Governor with a song suggestion, “Wanted dead or alive. Wanted. Dead. Or Alive.”