Brown Family's Autopsy Expert Has Questionable Credentials

Brown Family's Autopsy Expert Has Questionable Credentials

The credentials of a Kansas City based forensic expert hired by the Brown family to provide autopsy services for their son, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, are being questioned by other licensed forensic experts. 

Shawn Parcells, who owns National Forensic Autopsy and Recovery Services, says lawyers for the family of Michael Brown contacted him because of his alleged expertise in gunshot wounds. But the former Jackson County Medical Examiner says that his actual expertise is as a morgue technician, “somebody who would move bodies around, clean up after an autopsy.”

“I am a forensic pathologist assistant and medical investigator,” Parcells told FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien. But according to forensic pathologist Dr. Erik Mitchell, that’s a title Parcell’s made up.
“That is a degree that does not exist in my knowledge, except in the mind of Shawn Parcells,” Dr. Mitchell said.
Dr. Mitchell takes issue with Parcells’ title.
“You cannot claim the title, because it is a formal, licensable position. You can assist somebody; in this way I can say, for instance, I have paid my taxes, so I am an assistant President of the United States,” Dr. Mitchell said.
Parcells admits he has no certification as a pathology assistant, but says his qualification comes from experience.

“I worked there as a forensic assistant for about a year. And if I remember correctly that was 2005 to 2006. That was under Dr. Young,” Parcells said.

Parcells claimed that his training began in 1997 as an intern with Dr. Young, and that he was hired in the mid-2000’s.

Fox 4 contacted Dr. Thomas Young, the former Jackson County Medical Examiner, to verify the story, and Dr. Young responded with the following statement:

“Shawn hung out at the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office but was not trained by me.”…. “He has been representing himself in a way that is not appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions when he is not qualified to do so.”
“He has none of the qualifications that are required. He has experience as a morgue technician, somebody who would move bodies around, clean up after an autopsy,” Dr. Mitchell said.
Parcells blames the controversy on the competitive nature of the system.
“A lot of this was started because I have competitors who I was taking business from. And the coroners, also, is a very political system. It’s buddy-buddy, who’s your buddy?” Parcells said.
But Dr. Mitchell begged to differ. 
“Jealousy has nothing to do with the issue with Parcells. Parcells is practicing medicine without a license,” he said.