VIDEO: De Blasio Blasts NYC Sergeants Police Union On Crime Stats

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended the city’s crime statistics at a presser in Brooklyn on Thursday afternoon telling Breitbart New Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and his team “are literally the most advanced in the nation on crime statistics.” :

This is the man that brought us Com Stat. I was in a Com Stat meeting a week ago and it is an extraordinary example of advanced intelligent public sector leaders figuring out what’s going on and acting on it. And as anyone knows who has seen Com Stat or talked about it, it’s rigorous. It’s challenging. In fact, the leadership of the department challenges the precinct commanders to look under the hood of what’s going on and see if there’s even more there. It’s actually, and I understand there’s a concern you’re raising, because in some police departments around the country, there have been allegations of crime that have been undercounted. But under Bill Bratton, there’s a relentless search that we’ve got every crime classified properly and that we’re doing all the follow up we need.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, whose city police union does not support the Mayor’s and state Democrats move to bring the Party’s  National Convention to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, said last week that de Blasio’s policies are taking the city back to “the bad old days of high crime.” In his response to Mullins and the SBA de Blasio continued saying the union had an “agenda”:

So I’m very confident about the numbers. The numbers today–these are facts from the New York City Police Department–not from a union with its own agenda but from the New York City Police Department. We had 30 fewer murders as of midnight last night–30 fewer murders at the same point last year. We’re very proud about that fact. Overall crime is down 3.6%–1,000 fewer robberies [now] than at the same point last year. Those are facts. There are a number of additional shootings–about 60 more shootings–six zero at this point last year.

He continued:

We take that very seriously. We’ve added resources to address that.

I also want to say that the Captain’s union–I commend the Captains union and the president Roy Richter for their clear statements…for their belief that New York City is safe and is getting safer. We depend on our captains. We depend on all our police personnel.  They’re doing a great, great job and I think the numbers prove it.