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Podesta Eyed for Key Clinton Campaign Role


Maggie Haberman at Politico reports the name of John Podesta repeatedly surfaces in discussions over who may play a key role, or possibly even head up a Team Hillary in 2016.

The now senior Democrat could act as a bridge of sorts between Clinton and both the Obama White House and the Progressive movement as a whole.

In late July, members of an informal group of people who’ve been meeting to plan outside assistance to a potential Hillary Clinton campaign gathered at the M Street offices of the Messina Group in Washington, D.C. At the table was one new and very notable attendee — John Podesta, counselor to President Barack Obama and a longtime Clinton confidant.

In more than 20 interviews, Podesta was mentioned repeatedly as the person most likely to take on the role of campaign chairman — or chief executive officer or another top role, depending on how a potential campaign would be structured — if Clinton runs in 2016. The interest in Podesta is a reflection of both Clintons’ comfort and familiarity with him, but also of his standing among progressive voters with whom Clinton has had a sometimes-strained relationship.

Podesta founded the Center for American Progress and some believe a presence like his lacking in Hillary’s 2008 effort hurt her cause. Reportedly, he’s been involved with discussions of thsi sort for some time.

Several sources familiar with the 2008 campaign said Clinton had wanted Podesta to play a role in that race, but he had little interest in getting involved in the dysfunctional set-up.

Sources familiar with her advisers’ current discussions say there have been conversations about Podesta in a top role.


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