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Dishonest Time Piece An Affront To Republican Women


In response to Scott Brown Supporter Aghast, Claims Time Duped Her For Hit Piece:

A favorite left-wing election year tactic is to pretend that Republicans are abandoning the GOP in droves into the arms of the more reasonable, compassionate and tolerant Democrat party. So Time‘s Jay Newton-Small had her narrative set – she just needed a Republican dupe to fulfill her objective.

Janice Leahy was the unlucky conservative who got to play the dupe in this latest example of the Democrat War on Republican Women.

She also says she is not sure she will vote for Brown in November, given his 2012 vote against an equal pay bill, an issue close to her heart given that she works in a male-dominated industry. “I’m not happy about his vote against it and I would need to know more about it before I vote for him,” Leahy says. “I haven’t decided yet which way I’ll vote in November.”

Janice Leahy’s word’s were not only twisted by Newton Small – they were distorted beyond recognition – ObamaCare is the issue nearest to her heart. The equal pay bill was never anything she thought or cared about at all. She told Newton-Small she would definitely be voting Republican in November.

Newton Small demonstrated her disrespect and contempt for Leahy, a female small business owner, by:

1. Duping her into an interview in which the narrative was already set.

2. Twisting her words to mean the opposite of what was intended.

3. Expecting her to sit down, and shut up when the dishonest piece came out.

Unfortunately for Newton-Small, Janice Leahy isn’t one to just sit down and shut up when she’s been flim-flammed by a member of the Democrat Media Complex.


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