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Good news: IRS follows the law sometimes


Enjoy the spectacle of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, Shredder of Hard Drives, explaining that his agency likes to follow the law whenever it can:

He’s talking about the byzantine tax laws tied into ObamaCare, but as a general statement of principle for Big Government, you can’t do much better than “whenever we can, we follow the law.”  Needless to say, I strongly recommend saying this to an IRS agent during an audit.  You just never know who the IRS might decide to audit, do you?  It’s a total mystery how they pick their targets.  There just doesn’t seem to be any pattern there.

At any rate, mockery of Koskinen for saying this might be somewhat misdirected.  The problem is that we have a code of laws so complex, so distorted by political arrogance and special-interest deal-making, that even the gigantic agencies charged with enforcing it can only shrug and say they try to follow the law whenever they can.  There might be big problems at some of those agencies, but the system itself is an even bigger problem.  This video of the IRS Commissioner should be played on endless loop at the tombstone of the shallow grave where we bury our idiotic tax code, and the equally idiotic health care scheme forced on us by Democrats who didn’t bother to read the legislation, much less consider its ramifications.

The funny thing is that even acolytes of Big Government, notably including Obama dead-enders, have taken to claiming that the government is so big that no one can run it, or take full responsibility for what it does… and they offer that as a defense of the system, an excuse for the failures of the President and his Administration.


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