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Nunn Hits Own Party on Keystone But Took Anti-Keystone Money

Nunn Hits Own Party on Keystone But Took Anti-Keystone Money

Georgia Democrat Michelle Nunn “tweaks” her own party “for not doing enough to move along the Keystone XL oil pipeline”; however, as is pointed out in an update, “Nunn was among the beneficiaries of a fundraiser this year hosted by Susie Thompkins Buell, a San Francisco philanthropist who refused to donate to President Barack Obama in 2012 because he did not reject Keystone outright.”

That may leave Nunn look as thought she is playing both sides of the issues. Her party isn’t expected to drop its Keystone opposition. At most, they’d be looking to give Nunn a pass for a non-party line vote on the issue.

Here’s the ad script, all spoken by Nunn:

“Thanks to American ingenuity, we’re on the path to energy independence. And we can produce even more energy and create jobs if we embrace innovation and move beyond partisan bickering.

“But too many Democrats play politics by dragging their feet on the Keystone Pipeline, while Republicans block renewable energy initiatives that would reduce our long-term dependence on fossil fuels.

“I’m Michelle Nunn. I approve this message because it’s time to work together to do what’s best for our country.”


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