First Case of Ebola Diagnosed In Texas


The deadly Ebola virus is now in the U.S., as officials have confirmed the first case has been diagnosed in Dallas, Texas.

The infected person is said to be a man that arrived from Liberia on Sept. 19, but because he did not show symptoms of the disease, no one that was on his flight is at risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Everyone knew the Ebola would one day make its way to the U.S., but the question still remains, how prepared is the U.S. for a possible outbreak of the disease?

So is America ready to counter any and all Ebola cases, and deal with a sudden and massive influx of patients?

While you can’t compare the current disease-fighting medical assets in place in West Africa to the health systems in the U.S., the argument can be made that a disease this infectious could pose a serious and widespread strain on U.S. hospitals, if an outbreak were to occur.

Sorry if I sound like an alarmist, but I think that all Americans should take the time to go over Ebola symptoms- ya never know.


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